The part of my work, on the Lost Future movie, was only a small contribution for the whole movie. There were approximately thirty shots and the main goal was to create a believable prehistoric sloth. This was a great experience for me mainly in terms of freedom in the designs where I have to catch the likeness of this huge animal.
The first picture here is my final concept of the Sloth creature. There was nearly a month of production where I was trying to match the clients idea of how this animal should look like. I was using the Zbrush tool play with the basic shapes and adding fur and details in Photoshop. The second picture is just posed final model so you can get an idea how this animal looked like underneath all the fur. The last picture is a frame from turnaround I have done in Maya, and it is something like more advanced 3d concept to get the clients approve the final look.
Here you can see the result. The shots were the sloth is fighting some dudes are very quick so you don’t really have a possibility to look at him properly and enjoy all the fine details. I tried to find some interesting frames but I highly recommend to watch the showreel to find out more. I was working on this project with two other guys, both tremendously talented. Jan Konicek is the guy who done all the rigging and animation and Viktor Plch, who taught me all I know about Maya and on this project he standing behind the final look of hair and lighting in the scenes.

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