Back in 2009 I had this idea for a personal project. It has started very innocently. I was just relaxing at the Sunday afternoon and I opened the Zbrush and sculpt a head. It looked pretty good so a have decided to add a body. Ok, and then a hat. And the next thing I know is that I’m working on the full male character with the proper mesh topology, UVs and Hires textures :). I have also decided to make a short animation, some sort of teaser. Its pretty challenging in the light of the facts that I am making this project in my spare time and I dream about the quality somewhere between Blur and Blizzard  :) . But who need to sleep when you can put your veins on to the coffee infusion, right? Heh, just kiding. Anyway I’m really looking forward to see this finished though the finish is somewhere over the horizon.
Here you have some WIP pictures to judge the quality for your self...
And this is where things ended. I have reached the point where I had rough animatic in my hands bud I just couldn't find time and energy to finish it and put it all together.

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