This was one the best movies I have ever worked on. I had the possibility to create two CG characters from beginning to the very end. As for me that’s exactly the kind of stuff I love to do. Start with a pencil and end with a fully animated CG character.
Here you can see the progress on the wolf daemon. First of all I have downloaded a lot of reference to learn the wolf anatomy and get familiar with the look of this animal. Then I started to make a concept in photoshop and through client requests I came to this result. The second image is only a final model and that two wolf shots. The final result is also a work of Viktor Plch, who did all fur on the wolf.
The second character that I had a opportunity to do was this Flying daemon. The progress was similar to the wolf daemon. So after I finish the concept I started to finalize the model. At the end the render was done also by Viktor Plch. Sad thing is that originally this daemon should play bigger part and there should be more shots where he appears. But because of some budged cuts there isn’t much possibility to take a better look on this guy.

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