The movie “Nutcracker in 3D” was the first feature film in my carrier that I have been working on. With a group of tremendously talented people by my side, we had create hundreds of shots, some of them were fully CG. I have also the best memories on the management, especially on the visual effects supervisor Nicholas Brooks. You can find a making of this movie right here…
I have worked on this model called “Gyrocopter” and done pretty much all the modeling and some of the textures. I am also behind the modeling and texturing of the metal tower and those steps.
On the model of the main character “The Nutcracker” I have done pretty much everything except the animation. The biggest challenge for me was in this case shaders and lighting.

Another great experience was the work on the “Ratdog” character. There was some designs in the early stages of production but then the client requested some changes so I redesigned the model to this look. So in case this I am standing behind the design, model and some of the textures.

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