The hero, a silly and pompous knight, spots the dragon roar in the distance and his evaluation of the challenge always brings tragic and fatal consequences for him.
The movie was born as a remake of the Jan Bubenicek’s movie from the 1997 originally created as a simple animation, shot frame by frame onto VHS. With the help of CGI animation, RUR wanted to create a world that would be rather classic and almost old fashioned. We wanted to create a world that would remind the audience of the classic animation techniques used for ages before CGI came to life – stop motion and cartoon.
The core software used in production was Softimage, where models, secondary animation, effects and renders (mental ray) were made. As for other packages, we have used Motion Builder for animation, ZBrush for detail work, Nuke for compositing and Flame for finishing.
The Charge the Dragon series was created in short time periods over a few years. At the beginning, it was a kind of hobby project, that was mainly produced at home in free time. Later on it was our studio where the production has been executed and finished.

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